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Intellectual Property Valuation - What is it worth?

IP management consists of accurate and effective valuation. Many corporations, start-ups and small businesses require IP and patent valuation to increase their intellectual property assets, maximize their market value and take advantage of available business opportunities. 

You'll be astonished at how much you can improve your bottom line and maximize shareholder value just by assessing and properly managing your intellectual property. Fifteen years ago, U.S. corporate income from patent licensing was just $15 billion - today it exceeds $100 billion. Wouldn't you like to be among those mining some of that gold?

We will help you to uncover those golden opportunities that may be buried deep inside your portfolio.

Corporate officers are required to properly value IP assets and communicate this valuation to shareholders. This should be one of the first steps in determining the true value of your shareholder's stock. With our valuation services, we can assist organizations in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, corporate reorganizations, public and private equity financings, securitization with IP assets pledged as collateral and capital restructurings.

We can assist your company in determining its true worth through an IP Audit.

Intellectual Property Audit - Balancing the books with IP

An intellectual property or patent portfolio audit will identify core, non-core and obsolete technologies. We will advise and work with you on protecting and enforcing core assets, leveraging non-core assets through patent licensing, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and abandoning useless and obsolete patents.

It is important to audit Intellectual Property holdings to determine their scope, status, and value. The goal is to:

  • Identify ownership interests;
  • Secure and record rights in technology and other intellectual assets; and
  • Minimize the chance of unauthorized use and disclosure of technology, know-how, trademarks, and confidential information.

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A company’s name is the reputation on which they succeed in the marketplace. Trade or service names and trademarks are a clear example of how a company’s intellectual property portfolio impacts everyday business. Our firm understands that a company’s brand is a critical component in their continued success as they build on their past and current accomplishments and strengthens their relationships and establishments. Our associates are skilled in the obtaining secure and enforceable trademarks registrations and providing consultation and opinions in trademark enforcement. We have successfully filed trademark applications for different types of clients and have the experience and knowledge to protect your name domestically and internationally.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Registration searches and investigations to determine availability and eligibility of marks providing consultation and thereby maximizing your efforts while also being cost conscious
  • Protection and defense of your mark
  • Enforcement and protection against infringement and deceptive trade practices and counterfeiting
  • Domain name and Internet expertise and advisement

Trademark Watch Services
We provide trademark watch services to trademark owners. We offer a variety of different watch solutions delivered through our unique technology, combined with multi-lingual watch analysts trained and experienced legal consultants to watch diligently for infringement of your trademark.

Border Notification Services
Filing a Border Notification petition is one of the most effective tools for enforcing intellectual property rights (IPRs) in Jordan. We provide border notification services for the requirement of filing a Border Notification Petition, pursuant to which a trademark shall be recorded with the Customs Department. It will assist you in protecting your products and trademarks against the unauthorized importation of goods bearing trademarks or logos identical or similar to yours.If you are filing a Border Notification Petition of your marks and would like us to inform you of how to legally proceed, we can effectively assist you. It is our policy to recommend a proactive IP policy to assist clients in enforcing and litigating their rights and to take full advantage of the new international standards of IP protection. The Border Notification procedure had been introduced as a result of the authority granted to the Customs Department under Article (41) of the Customs Law, which prohibits the entry of any imported goods infringing on intellectual property rights protected under any applicable laws into the Kingdom of Jordan. Upon recording your marks before the Customs Department pursuant to the Border Notification procedure, the customs officials in all customs centers and across the Jordanian borders will suspend the release and clearance of any suspicious counterfeit and/or infringed goods. Upon filing the Border Notification petition, we are able to follow up with Customs Department upon any border infringement and/or any shipment of your products immediately. Border notification increases the awareness and the value of your products and brands. It shows your intention to protect your IP rights and pursue any legal action against all similar products, especially since most counterfeit goods are imported through Jordan to surrounding countries in the region, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon.


Copyrights can provide powerful protection for the creative works of software developers, designers, artists, and authors. We are able to provide comprehensive support from obtaining enforceable registrations to consultation regarding processes, legal trends, and opinions and litigation support. We serve our client’s needs whether it is the development of proper copyright policies, managing and monitoring third-party registrations, investigating and enforcing infringements, or negotiating agreements and contracts, our professionals are knowledgeable and ready to serve. Put our experience and resources to work for you in any aspect of copyright protection. Please contact us regarding copyrights including the following areas:

  • Obtaining a copyright registration and consultation
  • Copyright opinions including use policy, infringement, licensing, and litigation
  • Copyright agreements and enforcements
  • Counseling regarding internal or external company matters
  • Investigating and research of copyright registrations.


Innovation and research are investments and crucial elements to the future growth and success for any organization. Our law firm understands that protection of these investments is critical to any company and knows how to secure your rights. Our associates are here to lead and navigate your company through the increasingly complicated intellectual property area in the US and globally. Our associates have the technical know-how with hands on experience and a diversity of academic backgrounds to appreciate your innovations. The broad range of technical expertise from wireless technologies, to solid state and optical memory devices, to printer technology, to semiconductors, to advanced software, to biomedical and biochemical technologies, our associates are well skilled in several arts. We know how to communicate with the USPTO and with our clients having several associates with experience as patent examiners and in-house counsel. We look forward to serving our clients for all their intellectual property needs including the following technologies whether they are electrical, computer engineering, chemical, biotech, mechanical, semiconductor, or software related.

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