Aerospace and Defense

Maraqa & Co. has been at the forefront of assisting a large number of the companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry. The firm has a well-earned reputation for achieving innovative, successful resolutions of problematic issues at costs that represent true value. Our long, in-depth involvement in these industries, coupled with an understanding of business operations, situates our attorneys to advise on any contract-related issue that might arise — from positioning a company to obtain government contracts, to litigating any dispute that might arise, whether it be a civil or a criminal matter.

Commercial and Business Law

Our corporate and commercial team advises on all areas of law related to commercial business of our clients; this includes – inter alia – giving legal advice on mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring, incentive schemes, supply and distribution of goods and services.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection & Enforcement

We have extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property law, enforcement, licensing and franchising. The firm's IP department has a sizeable client portfolio and handles a large number of trademarks and patents interests. The firm is also engaged in major successful cases of international franchises, trademarks and patent litigation, IP due diligence, domain name protection and software and copyright vindication. Our services include registration of trademarks, patents, plant varieties, industrial designs, and utility models in MENA region. We are also experienced in providing protection against breach of confidentiality and acts against fair competition.

Labor and Social Security Law

Our professionals have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing of labor contracts, by-laws and internal rules of companies regarding employees and their rights. We handle litigations and claims relevant to employment rights, including matters related to pensions, labor accidents and collective labor arrangements.


Our litigation lawyers are ready to represent our clients before all courts and arbitration tribunals. Our litigation experience is intensive and includes litigations for claiming remedies against tort and contract breach, enforcement of judgments, intellectual property protection, debt collection claims and challenging administrative decisions.

Real Estate Managment

We are working to provide exceptional legal services consistent with the real estate development in the region. On the basis of this principle, our real estate professionals provide legal advice on all aspects of real estate development,  real estate construction and valuation.

Tax Services

Whether you’re a business owner facing international taxation for the first time, or you are concerned about how future income tax trends will affect your family, our team has the experience to serve you.

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