Litigation Jordan

Conflicts and contests regularly arise in the marketplace. With the arena now on a global level and with more people connected at higher speeds, it is more important than ever to find resolution and a winning strategy quickly and effectively.

Our litigation lawyers are ready to represent our clients before all courts and arbitration tribunals. Our litigation experience is intensive and includes litigations for claiming remedies against tort and contract breach, enforcement of judgments, intellectual property protection, claims of debt collection and challenging administrative decisions.

Our litigation team is comprised of proven experts with the wide range of experience necessary for our client’s to be confident and have the peace of mind needed to focus on their business. Our attorneys have handled cases with positive results for both domestic and foreign clients in a wide range of technologies and for several different aspects of their intellectual property portfolio.

Our head litigator and his team are ready to assist in our client’s objectives. Whether working toward enforcement or defense of an action, our associates can assist including in the following areas:

  • Prosecution and defense of patent infringement and related issues in Jordan
  • Appeals
  • Interference proceedings
  • Litigation for trademarks Jordan
  • Litigation for copyrights
  • Pre-trial strategy
  • Opinions and Exploration/Investigation before going to trial
  • Settlements and agreements
  • Arbitration and dispute resolutions

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